“Really great way to educate students. Really fun innovative way to learn. My best wishes for the great job”
Ashish, The Times Of India
“Informative, needs to be extended. Good for quick learning”
Dr. Tariq Husain
“Science can be learnt by un-conventional learning experiences through these animation & games references. Congratulations to the animation and game team of ELMC. More to come”
Dr. MMA Faid
“Eye Opener & very interesting”
India Today
“Wonderful work but the best way to learn is on real patient”
Very innovative, excellent work spread the good work”
“To completely understand the medical science whatever experiments I saw today, I hope that will help the upcoming generations to understand a lot more in the field of medical science”
“Great work on another innovation that should help medical student learn actively. Reading from books is good but being able to visualize opens up many doors for student. God Bless!”
Bilal Mando
“Excellent work, you will change the outdated medical education system. At our institute we had talked about this. But you have actually executed it. Congratulations !!”
Natalia Mariela
“This concept of teaching is very good and it is helpful to medical students. Students can learn easily how to act and diagnose. The concepts idea is very smart. Wish you best of luck for all era medical students”
“Ultimate work done by the people. Keep it up”
“The work is very innovative. This can really change the way of learning. I personally got lot of inspiration to develop & use the herbs in my day to day issues(sickness). Great work all together. All the best”
Afzal Mehdi
“This is a new concept of teaching medical students. I think this will help students and doctors to learn”
“Was very impressed by the young youths making these games. All the best”
“Very important & interesting game, basic fact is knowledge and fun. Thumbs up”
Dr. Divyanshu
“It has been a very informative session. The effort put in is enormous and I hope this will be a game changer in the learning & development of next gen students. Best wishes!”
“We came across with a new concept of gaming, it is very helpful, impressed. Our team visit gaming studio and spend lot of time with students and experts. We have got so much knowledge and experience, hats off”
“I feel very proud when I see that all the members of gaming studios have burnt mid night oil for the best future of all students. Wish you best of luck”
Sabzar Ali
“The medical education video game (Medlife) which was shown to me was in relation to tracheostomy. It is very well thought over and very nicely prepared. It gives a clear picture of the steps for an easy understanding. However, there are certain more steps which need to be incorporate to make it complete. Best of luck”
“Wonderful. Improve further”
“Amazing piece shown. I am madly impressed”
“I would suggest adding a physiology component to the portal”
“Amazing! Very good for learners in very easy and interesting way”
“Bronchoscopy - Excellent”
“Great work. Keep it up, have never seen anything like that in life”
Jafar Hassan
“Excellent work. waiting for the final version”
Dr. H.R. Devsi, Vancouver Canada
“Game is very good and innovative, will be very like by the students in future. Herbal area is nicely planned”
“It’s all about super game & show all the activities and also we learned more things from it”
“Its new concept in the medical field. Learn with fun is easy way to find the things. I wish for the success”
a) “Impressive work”
b)“Interesting combination of health + games”
c) “Positive impact on a societal level can be expected”
a) “I love the amount of features offered in the game. It keeps the game interesting and provides you with further goals in the game. For example, the herb garden is a very clever way to teach about herbs and their benefits. But most of all, the more attraction the game will have all the audiences.”
b) “I personally do not want to join the medical field but the games included make me want to play it. I love the crime genre games and working on patients in the urban setting/ hospitals etc. is a great way to engage me”
c) “But above all the mechanics and design aesthetics are out of this world. It teaches me – someone who knows nothing about medicine. And I am sure medical students will find joy and education in this game.”
“Seams a good medical simulation to provide training for students and trainers. Lot of potentials for extensions. Thank you ”
“Have enjoyed every visit to Era’s Lucknow Medical College and witnessed steady growth of the institution. Innovation in the institute, in the area of teaching through visual human anatomy and different system explaining will leave a long lasting impression on students mind. Med life teaching to general public through games will bring laurels to institute in learning medical knowledge to society”
“Ultimate clinical medical teaching world. Amazing idea will benefit students all over the world. Keep going! ”
“I’m overwhelmed by the outstanding way of medical education”
“Brilliant stuff, keep it going”
a) “This is very impressive. Keep up the good work!”
b) “Very cool, when can I start playing!”
“This is a new concept of teaching medical students. I think this will help students and doctors to learn”
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